End of the weekend

Why do Sunday’s come so fast?  It was just Friday and now the weekend is over.  I’m definitely excited for Veteran’s day.  I was meeting some friends for breakfast this morning but since I knew it would be at panera (aka a bagel) I decided to get my fiber in first thing.


At panera I selected the gingerbread bagel with the low fat hazelnut cream cheese spread.  Delicious!  I think that next time I will go without the toasting and the cream cheese and eat it like I did the other day.  The cream cheese took away from the flavor.


We spent a long time at panera and it was almost lunch time by the time we left so I picked up lunch for Dan and me.  We were out of leftovers so it was perfect.  I waited awhile before I had my soup and so I reheated it.  I must say, the soup reheated is meh, it had a weird aftertaste that I never had before.  Lesson learned.


At the grocery store we found these mini pumpkin muffins.  I had to try one (does anyone else feel the urge to try new treats after a trip to the store?)  Our pumpkin bread is better than these muffins, but they are good to take to work for snacks.


Oh and dinner.  Dinner was delicious.  Dan made a lemony shrimp and cous-cous dish.  It was so fantastic.  I’ll post the recipe later!


well that’s the end to my weekend so sad!


Who out there gets veterans day off?  Isn’t it a nice surprise!?