Duo Restaurant

Last night Dan and I went to Duo Restaurant in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.  We’ve heard great reviews of this place so we had to check it out, and what better night to go than our anniversary!

The ambiance was nice, a rustic bistro with mismatched silverware and a a view straight into the kitchen.  Instead of bread we were presented with flat bread and olives.
IMG_1082 copy
Olives are tasty in small quantities. Yum!  None of the appetizers struck our fancy so we decided to split two entrees.  This is a really good idea for us since portions are bigger than I should eat, but smaller than he should.  So we go for the 2/3 1/3 split and I get to taste more food! 

The first entree we chose the pork chops.  The menu describes the dish as “pork chops grilled and served with buttermilk mashed potatoes and wilted greens with apples over a cider jus and blue cheese sauce”
IMG_1085 copy
Unfortunately, the pork chops were a little over cooked.  The mashed potatoes were tasty.  But then again, I have a soft spot in my heart for mashed potatoes!

Our second dish was AMAZZING.  This was our second choice when we looked at the menu but I just loved it.  The menu describes the dish as “Venison Loin with a butternut squash and pear puree and cranberry relish”.
IMG_1086 copy
I had one piece of the venison and some of the greens(brussel sprouts?)  and I had to stop myself from finishing the butternut squash and pear puree.

I have to ask you do any of you have a good recipe for butternut squash and pear puree?  We are dying to recreate this.  I see a thanksgiving dish contender!

Since the pastry chef was a semi finalist for the James Beard Award we HAD to order dessert.  We settled on the “Warm Chocolate Cake with malted milk ice cream and chocolate popcorn.”  How can I NOT try the chocolate popcorn!
The cake was a little rich for me so I went to town on the popcorn.  Rich chocolate desserts are perfect for Dan!  The ice cream was tasty too, but reminded us of coffee more than malted milk.  But I love coffee, so no problem there!

We left totally full and satisfied!  It’s great to live downtown Denver and to really explore these amazing restaurants.  When we lived in Maryland we were a lot less creative and ended up at Gordon Biersch more times than I’d like to admit!

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