Are you doing what you dreamed you would be doing?   I’ve always kind of dreamed of being artistic in some way and have never really been great at anything artistic.  (Just ask my dad about my singing skills) Instead I got my social work degree and have been working in offices for ‘the man.’  It’s not that I don’t like my job, I’m working on some really interesting stuff.  I just keep wondering if there is more?

Dan is finally getting the opportunity pursue his dreams and I am so excited for him, it’s making me think of what I would want to do other than my 9-5.  I’m having a ton of fun with my photography but who knows if it will become a thing.  Additionally, I’m a little concerned about having a job where I am 10 feet away from my refrigerator most of the time!  It’s funny to me that my weight/relationship with food even influences my career goals and dreams!

Are any of you pursuing your dreams?  What are they?

The photo segment of this post is going to be short because I accidentally left my camera on my tripod at home!  If you want to see my meals take a look at yesterday’s breakfast and dinner and there you go! 

Dinner was leftovers again.  I had an artichoke and some of TJs fries.

IMG_0989 copy
I’m off now to try to figure out how to make my pictures sharper and my composition nicer!

Tell me what your dream job is!  I’m so curious!