Dove chocolate

Dan first got me interested in Dove Dark chocolates a few years ago.  This year was the first time I saw that they have peppermint bark.  As you have already realized, I’m a sucker for seasonal foods, so I had to buy them immediately.


Six pieces of peppermint bark clocks in at about 200 calories.  ouch!  This is why I only bring three to work for a dessert.


these are best eaten slowly


This is why I hide some from Dan.  He eats them quickly and so I try to slow him down.  If I don’t, I don’t get any! 


It’s interesting how some foods trigger cravings and I just want to devour them and others don’t.  These chocolates satisfy my sweet tooth but don’t leave me craving more.


What treats do you enjoy that don’t cause cravings?!


Please note: I have added a section on product reviews to my contact page.  I have not gotten anything from Dove for this review.