Desserts is stressed spelled backwards

I keep telling you how these past few weeks have been rough.  Well, hubby heard me and bought me one of my favorite things to cheer me up.  Flowers!  Every time I look at them I feel warm and cozy inside.  I need to start a list of non-food treats that make me feel good. 

Today was more successful than yesterday.  I managed to avoid the vending machine by bringing enough food to work.  I also avoided eating anything at Panera.  Good thing I ate lunch right before.

Breakfast was pumpkin bread
Of course I had a side of bran buds and Just Pineapple.
Lunch was leftover cauliflower and a chicken leg.
With a side of mushroom risotto (this made all the difference in my satiety today!)
For dessert I had an orange.  man these are hard to peel!  I also had a few dove peppermint bark.
Dan’s home tonight so I came home to some pecan crusted trout.
This is such a tasty dinner!  I have to admit something though.  I have major issues spelling the word desert correctly.  I keep wanting to spell dessert!  I think my mind is constantly focused on food!

What’s on your list of non-food treats!