Countdown to Christmas

Oh Mondays.  Why do they keep coming back?!  I did wake up ready to go this morning so that’s a good sign, right? 

I think I need to stop stepping on the scale every day.  It used to be just a marker of where I am but now that we have two scales(more on that later) and I’m doing morning AND evening weigh ins, I’m driving myself crazy.  I’m terrible at challenges so I won’t impose one but I’m definitely going to take a step back!

Breakfast was a delicious piece of pumpkin bread.
And some all bran bran buds with Just Pineapple.  I really like eating these dry.  They are so tasty!  Midway through the morning I had a grapefruit.  The smell tempted my coworkers.  Yum!
We didn’t have lunch supplies this morning so Dan dropped off a piece of mushroom pizza for me.
mmmm I love mushroom pizza!  As a mid afternoon snack I had 3 pieces of Dove peppermint bark.
We also didn’t have dinner ready in time so I started with an artichoke.
The rest of the dinner won’t come until later, so it’s a post for another day!

I’m now curled up in front of the TV watching cheesy Christmas movies.  I just love this time of the year!