busy day

Boy today was a busy day!  We woke up super early to give me time to make the treat I was baking for book club.  I ran out of time so I had to cut corners but more on that tomorrow.  I have no pics from last night. Sorry!  I’m still working out the etiquette about taking pictures while I’m out and about!

Back to today, To tide me over until brunch I had some toast.  It definitely did the job!
Book club was a lot of fun.  We had some eggs, sausage and potatoes, turkey bacon, Spanish sweet bread and fruit.  Delicious!  It’s so much fun to do potluck because you can taste so many different things.
For dessert we had pumpkin bars.  I had two.IMG_0894
Boy this filled me up!  Dan made his famous pork chops braised in white wine.IMG_0920
I also had some sweet potato fries.  So spicy!IMG_0930
What a tasty day!  Dan and I spent much of this weekend  reorganizing our apartment.  We got rid of so much and found so much extra space. Yay!

Happy November everyone!