Baked acorn squash

Happy Monday!  I just love holiday weeks!  I came into work this morning to a cube full of boxes.  Instead of tackling my Inbox I tried to figure out how to reorganize my new space.    I have to say, I enjoy moving into new places and trying to organize. I always tell myself that I’ll be more organized, I almost never am!  However, this time is different since I have a pretty sweet view!(those are mountains behind the branches.)  IMG_1640
Breakfast was rushed because of a morning meeting and the unpacking!  I had the usual.  A mix 1
with all bran bran buds and Just Pineapple
My meeting this morning was super interesting.  One of the topics raised was that the jury is out still on if being overweight (BMI under 30) is a health concern.  There is a school of thought that health concerns aren’t raised until an individual falls into the obese range and that it is still healthy to be overweight. 

After my morning meeting I had an apple.
Since the sushi last night was a bit disappointing I had to get more.  I also got some low sodium soy sauce (not pictured).
This hit the spot.  I really enjoy this roll and the soy sauce and wasabi mixture  totally made me tear a little!  Perfection! 

Dinner was ready soon after I got home and was so satisfying.
Acorn squash stuffed with white beans, olives and chard.
This is totally satisfying and I can’t believe I never had Acorn squash before (that I can remember)!  I spent so long being so closed minded to squash.  What a mistake.  (mom-this does not mean I’ll try zucchini-they are NOT the same!)

What foods have you prematurely judged and realized that you liked?