Back in the habit

I have to work a whole FIVE days this week.  Booo.  I was totally spoiled in November with all my short weeks.  Isn’t it so easy to get out of  a habit?  In other great news, my new camera is coming tomorrow.  I’m definitely going to go to work early so I can leave early and play with my new toy equipment!

This morning I woke up in a fog, feeling better but exhausted so a second cup of coffee was necessary.
IMG_1992 I also had my usual Mix 1
And my All bran bran buds with Just Pineapple.  There is something nice about settling back into a habit!
I also had this yummy orange that had an interesting stripe on it!
Lunch was leftover turkey tetrazzini.
I was starving after this so I journeyed down to the vending machines and got a bag of pretzels for 160 calories.  Not bad.  Also not pictured.

I was still hungry when I got home so I started dinner early with some leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving.
And just now our dinner came out of the oven, it’s a mushroom-spinach-potato casserole.  I’ll post the recipe later.
My food was so unattractive today!  Oh well, at least it was yummy.