Before I start my post I just want to give a little shout out to my friend Megs.  She just got diagnosed as being allergic to gluten AND Dairy.  Yikes!  She’s decided to blog her journey and I’m excited to see what she finds to eat :)  Go check her out at!

I’ve been thinking about my recent plateau and how and why it has happened.  Some of it is definitely due to recent life stressors, but some of it is my irrational fear of losing weight.  I had just hit a goal, I was getting down to my lowest weight and I think part of me is afraid of the change that I will experience.  Instead of facing it, I sabotage myself.  I need to get over this and it’s my goal this week to work through it.

My first step to taking control is taking control of my food.  Breakfast was a piece of pumpkin bread and some bran buds with Just Pineapple.

I had a grapefruit mid morning.
Lunch was the last of our Chicken Parmesan
And some mushroom risotto.
Dinner was leftovers again and I made some salt and pepper chicken and mashed potatoes with an artichoke on the side.
Isn’t the artichoke a pretty veggie?
I’m off to unwind with my new Cooking Light and Real Simple.  I love Christmas editions!

What do you think the prettiest veggie is?