All bran bran buds

I received a request to review my bran buds last week when I posted about Just Pineapple.  These two treats make up my most consistent breakfast item.  I realized awhile ago that I need to be conscientious about my fiber intake and so I hunted down the highest fiber cereal I could find.
All Bran Bran Buds came out heads and shoulders above the rest with 13g fiber in each 1/3 cup serving.
The cereal is bland so it makes a good addition to many other things.  I’ve added it to yogurt, oatmeal and just plain milk.  Unfortunately the buds don’t stay crunchy like grape nuts do and so they get a little mushy when mixed with wet ingredients.  This is definitely something that could be a positive or a negative depending on what you prefer.  I eat it for the crunch so it is a negative.  I have started to eat it dry and really like having something munchy and crunchy for my breakfast.