Things I can’t live without: Eye Fi

Since starting blogging I’ve been trying to find ways to save time and improve my photography.  I bought my new computer in May because it had a slot to put my SD card into.  This worked well until I went to my friends Brad & Tina’s Wedding.  Apparently the constant removing and inserting of the SD card broke the sensors.  So I was back to attaching the cord to the computer and uploading the slow way.

Because this was a pain in the butt I had to try something different.  The eye-fi!  I first heard about the eye-fi on Kath’s blog.  Even though she was having issues with it, I thought I’d try it out.
Set up of the eye-fi was pretty easy.  It took a few minutes to sync up.  Once it was done I took out the USB port (below) and plugged the eye-fi into the camera. 
And presto, it was done!  Using the eye-fi has been pretty easy.  All I need to do to upload the pictures is to be near my computer or wi-fi signal and presto.  The photos show up on my hard drive.  Awesome! I have to keep the camera on and it will automatically upload.  When I take pictures at home, it uploads while I’m taking the pictures. 
The only problem that I’ve seen is that when I upload the pictures from the work day sometimes I have to turn the camera off and then on again to get the rest of the photos uploaded.

It is a bit more expensive than a typical SD card.  So far it is worth the expense.  I love being able to add pictures without even clicking a button.

There is even a feature that the pictures can upload to a website (photobucket, picasa etc.) This is super convenient if I were trying to share these pictures with friends and family.  Overall, I say two thumbs up, especially for me since I upload pictures multiple times a day.  If you aren’t uploading as much it may not be worth the extra cost.

How do you save time with your photography and or blogging?