taste buds

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my earlier post.  They all mean so much to me.

I went back to work this morning.  I have a really busy end of the week so no more sick time for me.  I feel bad for my cube mates.  I was sneezing and blowing my nose constantly.  Sorry!

My food for the day is meh mostly because my taste buds have left me.  Leftover Walnut Blueberry Banana Bread and all bran buds for breakfast.

IMG_2453_edited-1 IMG_2454_edited-1
Lunch was a PB&J.  Again.  Booring.
It wasn’t until dinner that I was thankful for my boring meals.  I miss my taste buds.  And so long as my food is boring I don’t mind all that much.  Dan made a delicious pizza for dinner.

Spinach, sausage and provolone pizza.  Those are the ingredients.  I tried to enjoy every single bite.  But eating is SUCH a chore that it made it not worth it.  This is one I’ll have Dan make again when I’m healthy.  So you are enjoying the taste of this as much as I did.  That makes me sad.

Here’s to a healthier day for you!