take the stairs

Oh yay! It’s Friday!

Today brought with it another pear for breakfast.  These are so tasty, but really bruised and ugly!
a mix 1
And all bran buds

Lunch was some Devil’s Chicken

For dessert, I had brought the last Yoplait yogurt.  I have to say it was just OK.  So, when a coworker brought Boss’ Day treats I tossed it and ate half of a brownie (a quarter of a lemon bar may or may not have also been consumed throughout the afternoon).
After work I walked home and climbed the 12 flights of stairs to my apt.  Boy am I out of practice.  It hurt more than I remembered.  I’ve been noticing that hills are a little harder than they were when I was climbing the 12 flights before.  I was a bit pooped and for some reason my tummy is feeling off.  weird.

Dinner was apple-braised turkey thighs.

not a pretty dinner.  Also not a tasty recipe.
So many of the recipes we pick are winners that it is a big surprise when a recipe falls flat.  Oh well.  Can’t win all of them!

Happy Friday!  It’s going to be 70 degrees here this weekend so I am looking forward to spending some time outside. 

What are you doing this weekend?