sore thumb

I am working on some prevention initiatives for my job and one of those initiatives is reducing obesity.  Today I went to a meeting on that issue.  You know where this is going. 

Yeah, I was the only overweight person there.  The entire time people were talking about these initiatives and I wanted to contribute more but I felt like I shouldn’t since I was the fat one in the room.  Ironically, I probably spend more time thinking about weight loss and researching it than anyone else in the room. I was delighted to see that the snacks provided were pretty healthy.  You’d be surprised how many places that have health agendas serve crappy food.  Now, that’s ironic.

I didn’t have any snacks at the meeting because I had a delicious breakfast.  I started with some of Ashley’s pumpkin bread.
and some Mix 1 
I had a working lunch, thank goodness it was with people that know about the blog! No funny looks!  I was starving so I started with a small piece of bread.

I ordered a portabella sandwich for lunch and it came with a choice of fries, coleslaw, potato salad and cottage cheese.  I REALLY wanted the fries.  But I got the cottage cheese.  Go me!
I didn’t eat much of this.  I did finish the sandwich.  Boy it was good (although totally messy.  Probably not work appropriate.
IMG_0325_edited-1For dinner we had Salt & Pepper Chicken again (click on the the words Salt&Pepper for the recipe).
we paired it with some sweet potato risotto.
I finished the plate with sweet potato chips. 

Do you ever feel like your weight makes you stick out in a crowd?  How do you handle it?