so full

No snow today, but it is still overcast and chilly.  Another day to be cozy.  But I should rewind and fill you in on last night.

I have been craving goat cheese since I had it a few weeks ago.  So yesterday I picked some up during our shopping adventure.  I was still full from our movie theater popcorn lunch and so I only had a little.
I was realizing that it was going to just be a high calorie day.  I’m glad we walked around the mall a bunch!   

We ended up still having dinner, a late dinner.  Ravioli with apple, walnuts, parsley (and I added goat cheese instead of parmesan).

It was delicious, but I was stuffed.  I don’t think I’ve had a day were I’ve felt this full in a long time.IMG_0013   I was still feeling the food when I woke up this morning.  So, I decided to have a small-ish breakfast.  First I threw together a package of instant grits.
and two pieces of nitrate free bacon.IMG_0031_edited-1  Right after I finished this I realized that I needed to hop onto the elliptical. So I am on it right now still feeling full but glad that I’m burning off at least some of what I ate this weekend!

On the good side of things.  I was uncomfortably full yesterday after eating about 1800 calories.  For me, this is an NSV.  And I didn’t have any dessert.  Trust me when I say that this is a big deal.  I can usually find room for ‘just a little’ but I knew I was over calories and so I resisted and I’m proud of that.  Another thing to be proud of?  I bought a new tub of pumpkin ice cream on Friday.  We haven’t opened it yet.  I KNOW! Who AM I?

I have a feeling that today will be another cozy and slow day.  One bonus of working where I do, we get Columbus Day off! So maybe Dan and I will go to dinner tonight?  That is, if I stop feeling SO FULL.

Have any of you noticed yourself getting full sooner and not being able to tolerate it as well?