snowed in

I wish!  We woke up to over 14 inches of snow and we still had to go to work on time!  I showed up to work first only to find out that most of my coworkers called out claiming they were snowed in.  Boo on them!  I got to watch the icicles grow on the window outside my office.
The heat still isn’t on at work so I spent the entire day drinking hot tea.  I have no idea how much I drank and so I have no idea how I did on my water.  Is anyone else obsessed with counting their water? 
I’m doubly obsessed this week after eating out as much has I have been.  (p.s. last night’s dinner was AWESOME, I’ll post a review later!) I know I’m retaining water like crazy.  The scale was not kind to me this morning!  In addition to drinking water I have just hopped onto the elliptical for an hour.  Better work off all the heavy food we’ve been eating

I ate my usual breakfast.  The Mix 1s are a great breakfast food.  I never worry about being hungry soon after eating them.  You know how important that is to me!
The all bran buds give me a chance to have a crunch with my breakfast (and a whole lotta extra fiber, nothing wrong there!)
I usually drink my coffee after the all bran and need something sweet so I dig into my fruit which today, like every other day this week, was a pear.

We didn’t have any leftovers for lunch so I still ate my Chinese food from Tuesday night.
Have any of you tried dark chocolate with sea salt?  It’s amazing.
Dinner is all home made and veggie heavy.  Yay!  I have a deep love for artichokes and haven’t had them in ages.  They were incredibly delicious!
IMG_0765 copy
To accompany, Dan made some mashed potatoes and made a tweak suggested by Chai—garlic mashed potatoes!  Thanks Chai!
IMG_0763 copy
To round this out, I had a teeny tiny piece of a chicken thigh.  Mmmmm.  I’ll have to post this recipe for Chicken Pieces with Lime.  Totally hit the spot!
So, remember that giveaway I did on friday?  Well Mary hasn’t emailed me to collect her prize.  If I don’t hear from her by tomorrow night.  I’ll pick another winner, so stay tuned!