Snow Way!

It’s snowing today.  I love the first snow of the year, it always makes me feel like a kid.  Growing up, the earliest snow I can remember happened on Halloween. IMG_2488_edited-1
I guess I need to get used to Colorado weather, it’s weird!  Yesterday it was 70 degrees! 
Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it would be this cold and so I just wore a jean jacket today.  That won’t help my recovery from the darn swine flu! 
Thankfully, Dan had a delicious Tuscan style potato soup waiting for me at home.IMG_2500_edited-1
This was so warm and cozy with a hint of spice from the turkey sausage.  And yes, below the soup is a Real Simple.  This one is huge!  I can’t wait to break into it.IMG_2515_edited-1
The rest of my food was pretty boring.  Thankfully I was able breathe all day.  This is a huge improvement.  Lunch was another PB&J.  I can’t believe I still like these.IMG_2478_edited-1
Breakfast was a Mix 1
all bran buds with Just PineappleIMG_2479_edited-1
And finally, an apple.IMG_2486
So, that’s my day backwards!  Tomorrow is another furlough day, so I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me.  I just hope this darn sickness is fully gone so we can actually go out!

Finally, I stepped on the scale this morning to see that I have now officially lost 26 pounds!  Sweet!  I’m off to watch Jim & Pam’s Wedding on The Office!