sick day

Before I start moaning and groaning, I want to share with you my recent purchase.  I bought a eye-fi card!  I realized that my computer isn’t broken, it was my SD card.  Apparently, the wear and tear of putting it in and out of the computer broke the card reader tongs thingies. (that’s the technical word for it)  The eye-fi allows you to upload photos and videos wirelessly.  The one I got wirelessly uploads the photos from any WIFI spot.  I know Kath had issues with her eye-fi card, so I hope this won’t be a problem!  This gave me something fun to think about while I sat at home feeling terrible

Unfortunately, my long weekend has started with me getting whatever Dan had.  Booo, I’m in the icky throat and head/achy body part and don’t want to eat anything.  While Dan asked for pizza, all I wanted was saltines and chicken noodle ramen, well and PB&J.  I also don’t want to drink water, it tastes gross.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Thank goodness I got the POM carepackage the other day.  I made some POM spritzers and they taste perfect.

The meh ramen, and good saltinesIMG_2402

and the world’s best Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich.  I used the Nature’s Valley bread that foodbuzz sent me the other day.
The bread tasted great, just like regular bread actually.  But it was nice to know that no funny products were in there.
However, the calories are pretty high
The funny thing is that I usually hate peanut butter.  For some reason, I want to eat it so bad.  I will probably have this for dinner too.
I have a feeling that the POM may be finished up by the end of the day, it’s the only drink that tastes good right now.

Ok I’m off to try to feel better or at least clean out the TIVO.  No dinner photos tonight since it’ll be PB&J again.  Don’t forget about the giveaway!

What is your favorite sick food?