Shopping Size


Dan and I decided to take advantage of this day off to go to a local (indoor) outlet mall.  We went to pick up a few things and watch The Invention of Lying.  I have to say, the movie was different than we expected.  Weird.  I saw the Gap outlet and felt like I should check it out. 


(Our breakfast French Toast)

This is where I get stuck in indecision.  Do I buy new clothes?  They are at an outlet, so at least I’m not paying full price.  But, I have some clothes under my bed that I need to go shopping for.  Shouldn’t I just wait until I get into those clothes?  I’m so confused.  So, I decided not to buy anything.  Other than one coat nothing was all that appealing anyway!


(The coffee I got to test out last night.  A review will be coming next week)

So, we came home (almost) empty handed.  As I was looking at the clothes, I was thinking again how nice it will be to be at one size for a long time.  To be able to add to my wardrobe year after year.  I have never been able to hold steady at a weight, so my wardrobe changes pretty drastically over time.


Now we are home, I have started some hot mulled cider.  Our plan for the night is to stay cozy and catch up on some Netflix.



Oh, and before I forget!  Jo has awarded me the Over the Top award! Thank you!! I'm honored.  Since I just did a meme I’ll spare you all!  However, I pass this award to: Anyone that hasn’t gotten it yet!