scale wars

I feel like sometimes no matter how hard I try invisible forces are at work against me losing weight.  I don’t know if it’s subconscious or maybe my body not responding to specific foods?  Is the candy I’ve been enjoying stopping the scale(within reason-I calculate every bite!)?  Is it mother nature?  Or is it the wine I had this weekend?  I know it is all an average and calories in calories out, I just get frustrated as things slow. 

vent over.

Because of my recent non-success on the scale I was determined to be clean today.  I’m even on the elliptical as we speak!

Breakfast was simple and good foods.  A Mix 1 and some bran buds.
IMG_0333_edited-1  IMG_0339_edited-1
I had a slightly mealy apple a little later.
Lunch was small to make room for the pumpkin bread! 
I just had some Salt & Pepper Chicken.
Dinner was another tasty tart!  This time it was sweet potatoes, red onions and fontina cheese.  Another tasty looking recipe from Eating Well.
Dinner isn’t ready yet, so I have to leave you with a picture of the two main ingredients.  Well, that is my day in food.  Dan didn’t have swimming tonight so I’m off to spend some quality time with him!  Time to curl up and watch the snow fall!