Today Dan and I went to the happiest place on earth, Target!  I decided that it was time to restock our wine rack.

Target had a yummy wine on sale so we picked up a few.
The Wandering Grape!  What a cute name :)  Plus it’s Fair Trade Certified.
For lunch I had another soup surprise waiting for  me
I paired this soup (turned out to be pumpkin!) with some Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips.
I finished the meal with a serving of candy corn.
IMG_0257_edited-2 copy
I purposely made them look really disgusting.  No one will be tempted by these nasty moldy gross things!  After lunch I hopped onto the elliptical for an HOUR!  Yay!  The entire time I was dreaming about making nachos.  I have sweet potato chips and we do have cheese in the fridge…So nachos it was.
Not the healthiest option.  Partway through dinner I decided I’d had enough and I took off the cheese and threw it away.  I did finish the chips.  This is motivation to go on a walk later!

The idea for the nachos came from a mention of nachos in a post written by Diane at Fit to the Finish.  It was an innocuous post about how we distort food and she used nachos as an example.  I am just SOO suggestible that the one mention made me start thinking about these.  That is why I distorted the snack I had after lunch.  I want to use my photography skills for good and not evil.

I’m usually OK, I don’t know why this one time set me off!  BTW, Diane is fantastic and a great motivator, it was totally not her fault that I was tempted by three words she wrote!

Do food blogs ever tempt you with trigger foods?