Quick update

I’m about to run out the door to meet my friend Amy for dinner and a show.  I’ll have to update you on both tomorrow.  I woke up today still full from last night so I didn’t eat nearly as much as usual.  I’m never this full the next day so I hope I don’t have some kind of stomach bug! On an unrelated note, I’m down another pound!  I made it to the new decade :) yay!

I didn’t eat breakfast until after 9am! (I get to work at 7:30)  All I had was my mix 1
A little later I had a pear
For lunch I had my all bran buds with Just Pineapple.
I’m feeling better(still not hungry) so I’m looking forward to going out tonight!  And before anyone says anything, I know this is absurdly low on the calories.  I never eat this little, my tummy was just off.

Now I’m off to dinner! To help things out, I’m walking the mile-plus to dinner.  I still need to get the exercise in!  Oh! And don’t forget about the giveaway!  I’ll pick a winner later tonight!