Potager Restaurant

Last Wednesday in the middle of a snow storm Dan and I decided to go out to a restaurant we just discovered.  Potager is a seasonal sustainable restaurant.  We were even further intrigued when we saw their menu.  They had me at pumpkin ravioli!

Our walk to the restaurant was cold and wet and it was so weird to me to see all of the Halloween decorations covered in inches of snow!  When we got there we saw that there were only 2 other tables of people.  By the time we left, the place was half full.  A definitely dedicated bunch!

The ambiance was amazing.  One wall was all windows so we got to watch the snow fall. 
The menu came and Dan and I came up with our game plan.  Two appetizers and one entree.  Each of the dishes are paired with wine, so I got a Riesling to go with our first dish: Butternut Squash pancakes.
IMG_0706 copy
It was so dark in here that the pics didn’t turn out great.  But you see gorgonzola, walnuts, apples, caramelized honey and under all that were two butternut squash pancakes.  This was amazing.

Our next dish was the pumpkin ravioli.IMG_0699
We were so excited that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Dan ate those sage leaves.  How did I never have brown butter before?  This was pretty fantastic.  I want more!
IMG_0709 copy
Our entree was thyme and garlic grilled quail wrapped in bacon. MmmmmIMG_0700
I’ve also never had celery root puree.  Tasty!IMG_0711 copy
Boy my pictures didn’t turn out well! We practically licked the plate.  So good!  Dan and I have worked out a good system for sharing.  I eat one third and he eats two thirds.  We both left happily full. 

Overall this is a fantastic restaurant.  We will definitely go back.  They change their menu every 6-8 weeks and so it’ll be fun to see what’s on their next menu.

We also really like going to restaurants that are walking distance from our home. We can build up an appetite on the way there and work off the calories on our way back.  Living downtown is so much fun!

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