I forgot to mention earlier that this morning showed another loss on the scale. Just .4 lbs but this means I’ve lost over 25 pounds! Yay! I'm also 3.4 pounds away from the next 10 pound range.  Andrea, you better get ready to go shopping soon!  Well, I have to get over this flu first.  I woke up this morning feeling OK.  But after the failed pumpkin oats, I got worse and Dan feels better. (I threw out the oatmeal and ate toast instead) 

This morning I got an email from another one of my friend’s bridesmaids asking for pictures.  Since I’ve been stuck at home all weekend, and I’m now officially done reading the entire internet (that interests me) I’ve decided to have fun with Photoshop. 

I noticed in one picture that my pants were really unflattering.  They looks HUGE.  I have actually never photoshopped my pants because they were too big, it has always been to get rid of a muffin top or something.  Here is the original picture

Notice how baggy those pants look?  Not super flattering.  (people in the pic l-r, Me, Melissa(bride), Jessie(seriously, she doesn’t look pregnant!), Erin)
I took away the shadows in the top of my pants with the clone tool to make them look like they fit better.  If this isn’t an NSV, nothing is!  My pants are so big they are unflattering!

You can also tell that I was not the photographer of this picture because our facial expressions are all good.  I swear, I always catch people right before or after the smile.  I took like 50 pics of one of my friends and her fiancé and none of them turned out great because of this problem!  This is why I photograph food and not people!  I can definitely cross portrait/wedding photographer off of my list of things to do in my life.

Food today was super boring.  I pretty much skipped lunch except for the potato chips and apple I begged Dan to get for me.  He came back with a great surprise.  Single serving bags (for the chips, not the apple)!
Weird thing is that I’m not hungry at all.  I just need salt and I was craving something fresh (hence the apple)
Look, it’s an apple butt!

Ok, I’m back to organizing my photos and learning more about Photoshop.  I hope I feel better enough to go to work tomorrow.  At this point, it doesn’t look good.  I wonder if we have swine flu?  We both broke 100.4 degrees and have multiple symptoms.  Is it bad that I just don’t want to go to the doc to get it checked out since it is so expensive and there is nothing they can do?

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