I’m conducting an informal test.  As you saw last night, I had cupcakes in the house again.  Every night this week I would take out my cupcakes for dessert and when I finished I craved more.  It didn’t satisfy my sweet tooth as much as ignite it! Yikes.  However, one square of Lindt chocolate usually satisfies my sweet tooth.

My experiment is that I have a few different dessert options and I’m going to mindfully eat them.  Do they all make me NEED more?  I’m gonna try different desserts each night and to see how I react.  Right now in the house we have peppermint Dryers ice cream, pumpkin bread, Lindt Dark Chocolate and some Dove Dark Chocolate peppermint bark.  (anyone notice a theme?)  I’ll try to report in on how it goes!  (I'm terrible at reporting in)

Another adventure I embarked on today was to improve my photography.  I have been trying to work on my photos and so I realized that I need a tripod!  I’m excited to keep testing it out!  I wonder if I should bring it to Dan’s races.  it may just be a pain there!

I brought home the tripod in time for a lunch photo shoot.  Here are the highlights!
For my PB&J I used PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams and some All natural strawberry preserves on Arnold’s 100 calorie bread.
What do you think?  Backing up a little. For breakfast (pre-tripod) I made a big bowl of oats.
The oats included

Yum!  I was looking around the other day and noticed that Justin’s Nut butter has a link to Fat Buster on their site.  How fun!

For someone that doesn’t really like peanut butter I sure had a lot of nut butter today!

Well this is an early entry because I’m off to get ready for tonight! (and tomorrow, I have to make a sweet Spanish inspired brunch item….any ideas?)