Out to eat … again

Can’t seem to catch a break, today we went out for a coworkers birthday and ended up at The Cheesecake Factory.  Boy, that place made me gain weight just by walking in!  But more on that later.

Today was my Friday, woohoo!  I’m working on some healthy living things in the office which is a lot of fun, there are some great ideas out there that promote healthy choices.  Even better it’s fun to combine my passion with work initiatives. 

We are running out of food at home, so I had to stop by Panera.  Thank goodness they have these small cups of fruit.
I decided to combine these with the all bran bran buds.  I need to include fresh fruit in my bran buds more often!
I also had a walnut blueberry banana bread. I love the flax and the orange in here. 
IMG_2379_edited-1So, onto lunch.  Cheesecake factory is SO rough.  Let me start by saying I did NOT have a cheesecake.  Woohoo!

I decided to order off the small plates menu and ordered what you see below, Crispy artichoke(not what I thought it would be), stuffed mushrooms and goat cheese and beet salad.  I got mocked by my friends that I like beets.  Does anyone else like beets?  They are so tasty!  Do you know what else is tasty?  Goat cheese.  The salad was amazing.

I ended up only eating 2.5 of the mushrooms and 5 of the artichokes.  I left feeling too full.  The salad was amazing, and I think if I had to do it again, I’d order two salads and that’s it.  The combination of pecans, beets, goat cheese, apple and arugula was perfect.  Yum.
But seriously, the not ordering cheesecake was a great victory.

I came home from work to a much better Dan, and he was making us white pizza.  IMG_2381_edited-1
He topped the pizza with mozzarella cheese, garlic, oregano and broccoli.
It was so fresh and tasty and I got my veggies in.

It wasn’t until late in the day that I realized that October 1st is World Vegetarian Day.  And lookie here, I didn’t have any meat.  Although, my lunch is an example of how vegetarian does not automatically mean healthy.  But, happy veggie day!

Well tonight is my Friday night, so I’m off!