No one can eat just one…

One thing I realized this weekend is how addictive some food are.  I begged Dan to get me potato chips on Sunday and when he finally gave in he came home with single serve bags.  Even with the single serve bags I couldn’t stop eating.  However, Dan also brought home 5 apples, and one of those was enough to make me happy. 
08 29 09_0031
When I am eating real foods, even something as amazing as the pizza Dan made last night, I am able to stop and feel satisfied.  However, this weekend, even though I had no appetite, once the potato chips were introduced I couldn’t stop.  Even when I did stop, my taste buds would call out for more.  It was like there was a voice calling to me from the closet “come on Beth, you know you want more.  We’re oh so tasty.  Eat ME!” 
food 012
While those chips taste SO DARN GOOD, they reminded me how I can’t have food like that in my house.  I have talked about this before, there are some foods that can not enter my house, chips are now on the list.  So, I was delighted when I came home to this scene in our living room.
The best part of coming home to a house full of ingredients is that I know Dan has meals planned out (he’s organized like that) so I am having a blast trying to figure out what taste adventures he is going to take us on this week.  I just hope that this illness goes away so that I can fully enjoy this food.
As a side note, I’m sure many of you have already read this NY Times article on the new FTC rules set to go into effect in December.  Basically, bloggers need to disclose the free products received by bloggers.

And no, no pictures of the chips. I’d much rather use my talent for good than for evil.