No home cooking here

I’m down another pound!  This means I’ve broken the 30 pounds lost this year mark!  And I’ve lost a total of 44 pounds (since May 2006….that sounds a lot less impressive!)  I’m so excited about this loss!  Of course this loss comes at the same time as I’m eating out a ton! 

Last nights dinner and show was fantastic!  We went to the Corner Office which is right across the street from the theater.  The last time I went there it was lunch and we were the only people in the restaurant.  Last night the place was hopping!  It was a great atmosphere with great food!

Amy picked the spinach and tomato risotto.
IMG_0616 copy
I picked the lobster mac n cheese.
IMG_0621 copy
Boy was this tasty!  I couldn’t totally finish it, but I did finish the lobster. We both got the Buzz Aldrin Martini to drink.  It had Tang on the rim! 
IMG_0610 copy
It was definitely a celebratory dinner! Yay no more blood thinners!

My tummy was working again and this morning I was able to eat normally.  For breakfast I had a mix 1 and some all bran bran buds
IMG_0623 IMG_0624
My camera batteries died while I was trying to take pictures of my pear :(  But I saved the butternut squash from Monday and had that before lunch.
IMG_0608 copy
For lunch I went to Panera and since the office was freezing all morning I decided to have broccoli cheddar soup and a whole grain baguette.  This warmed me right up!
We decided to order in for dinner so I ordered my usual Chinese food.  An egg roll, moo shoo shrimp and seaweed salad.
IMG_0629 copy

IMG_0644 copy

IMG_0647 copy

This post is so late because i hopped on the elliptical before I ordered dinner!  Now I’m going to publish and watch The Biggest Loser!  I wonder what’s going to happen this week.

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