Let it snow!

Our dinner out didn’t work last night.  Instead we decided to come home and make dinner, so our date is postponed to today!  Instead we took a nice walk and got to watch some MLB playoffs.

While waiting for Dan to come home I broke out my Yoplait yoga mat and did some strength training.  Go me!  The arm exercise I did was so hard my arms felt weak.  That’s a good sign!

Dinner started with some roasted butternut squash.  All this is is a light dusting of olive oil and some spices.  Recipe to come.  This was such a flavorful appetizer/side dish.
And I usually don’t like squash, but the way it was cooked last night was exceptional.  I ate two.
For dinner Dan made tilapia with peppers and olives. 
The olives were a little salty so I only had two.  But the whole dish worked very well and was really tasty.
This morning we woke up to snow!  I am like a little kid for the first snows of the year.IMG_2593_edited-1
I’m looking out our balcony now and just loving watching the snow fall.
Dan is making us some French toast and I am planning on cracking open a Bean & Body coffee, just can’t wait!
What a perfect Saturday.

What is your favorite weekend breakfast?