Hot 100 update

Gosh, this poor challenge, I had so many goals when I started.  As you may recall, my goals were pretty simple.

Walk Every Day
Strength train 3x/week
Eat two meatless meals a week
Eat 30g fiber/day
Eat mostly whole/real food
My results are not so good for the first week.  Whatever has befallen me has kicked my butt.  So, here’s my accountability.

1. Walk Every Day: Nope not even close.  This should have been an easy one.  Not when I’m this exhausted and sick.  Fail

2. Strength train 3x/week:  Also a big Fail.  No strength training.  This is me being lazy.  So it is my goal to strength train tonight.  Even if it’s a few reps of biceps.

3. Eat two meatless meals a week:  One I have finally done!  I think I’ve had more than two meatless days.  Sweet.

4. Eat 30g fiber/day: I have not done that great on this.  I didn’t hit this target on 4 days in the past week and a half.  The rest of the time I hit and exceeded my target.

5.  Eat mostly whole/real food: After last week when I couldn’t avoid a restaurant, I have been eating homemade food all week.  I have had my share of saltines and lay’s potato chips but other than that it has been pretty real food.
So, those are my pitiful results from the first week and a half of the challenge.  I really need to pick it up for the rest of the challenge.  After hearing about Syl’s challenge, I decided I want to add a 6th goal to my list.
6.  Every day, find one positive thing about myself to focus on.

Today’s positive thing.  My quest for living a healthy lifestyle has had a good influence on my husband, who is now tracking his food and focusing on nutrition.  It’s fun to see my influence spreading!

(today’s pictures are from our trip to Kelowna, British Columbia)