here’s to your health

Happy Thursday all!  I am still so excited about the news I got yesterday. However, I am such a hypochondriac and spent all day wondering if my clot was back or my ankle hurt. 

What I realized was that I’ve been on my feet a lot this week and not always in the best shoes (all flats, but no support).  Shoes matter.  Before I met Dan I would buy whatever sneakers were cute and on sale at DSW.  When Dan and I got together he insisted that I get fitted for shoes.  I definitely notice a difference between wearing my sneakers and other shoes. 

I didn’t let the pain slow me down.  I switched from dress shoes to sneakers and took a quick walk at lunch and made sure to move around all day. 

After my carb-fest yesterday, I made sure to have a much more vegetable and protein heavy diet today.  Breakfast was the usual Mix 1 and all bran bran buds.
Dan bought some pears yesterday.  I couldn’t resist! yum!
I also had my last Bean&Body coffee.(review to come tomorrow morning!)
Lunch was some leftover bulgur risotto.
And mystery soup!  We have butternut squash and apple and pumpkin soups in the fridge.  They look so similar so I told Dan to surprise me.  Can you tell what I had?
It was pumpkin soup.  Yum!  Dan also packed me a tasty dessert.  Pumpkin Spice kisses.  They are much tastier warm than frozen.  Totally hit the spot!
I came home to three delicious dishes waiting to be cooked.

Devil’s Chicken
TJ’s Fries (Thank for the recipe!)
And cranberry and apple crisp.  It smells like thanksgiving. 
I also had a pumpkin ale!  Oh yum!

And now I need to do an update on the Hot 100.  This week is definitely better than last week!

  • Walk Every Day:
Success!  I have walked or ellipticalled every day!
  • Strength train 3x/week
Oops.  I’ve done one day.  I need to pick it up
  • Eat two meatless meals a week
Yup.  I’ve done at least two, I stopped counting:)
  • Eat 30g fiber/day
All but two days.  Not great, but not terrible
  • Eat mostly whole/real food
Except for the popcorn on Saturday I’ve done mostly whole foods.

I’m so excited for life post-blood clot.  I know I need to be more careful about not getting another clot, but I feel like this 4 month long nightmare is finally ending!

Tell me something you are thankful for!