here’s that rainy day

This may sound oh so wrong to so many of you, but I love grey rainy days.  I am a little disappointed that it isn’t grey here more often.  Needless to say, I am delighted that it is grey and rainy on my sick day.  I’m curled up next to my ever growing waste basket of tissues and watching whatever TV we can find.
I am still stir crazy, it’s interesting that when I’m busy there are a million things that I want to do around the house.  When I’m stuck at home, I can’t remember what I was meaning to do.  So today was full of aimless wanderings.  I hate not being productive!
The leaves are changing, just a little bit, not the same as back east, but I love seeing them change!  My balcony is the furthest I’ve gotten from my apartment.  I need to get out of the house tomorrow.

So, remember when I asked for help picking out the pictures for my business cards?  Well, unfortunately, the free foodbuzz moo cards did not allow me to add my own pictures to the cards.  But! They came in the mail today!  And they are adorable!
The box you see is not a flimsy paper box, it’s actually plastic, so it’s durable.  Even better, they are made from recyclable plastic.  Of course, I see a lot of uses for this awesome box in the future.IMG_2450_edited-1
Look, it’s official!

There are some awesome pictures on here.  and they are so cute and little!

As far as food goes.  I had (yet another) PB&J sandwich, some chips, some all bran buds.  I think all the salt from the chips and saltines made me retain water since the scale went up just a bit. 

Dinner will be pasta (old pictures)
08 31 09_0010
Food pics will come back, when the food becomes a wee bit more interesting.  I’m hoping that will be tomorrow.

Don’t forget about the giveaway! I’m picking the winner tonight!