freedom freedom!

Sorry for the late update, but WOOHOOO I’m Free!  No more clot!  No more blood thinners!  Today was a host to another nice surprise: one of my good friends from DC was stranded in Denver for the night so we got to show him around.  So fun!

Today was another day of awesome food, and stick around to see dinner since it’s pretty amazing! (Sorry for the unedited photos; it’s time for bed)

Breakfast was a Mix 1 and some all bran buds with Just PineappleIMG_0123 IMG_0131
I had my third Bean&Body drink today.  Tasty!IMG_0127
So, I must admit I was a little self conscious about heating up my lunch around the women from my office.  They all had salads and diet food and this is what I had.
IMG_0075 IMG_0077
It doesn’t look like diet food.  But this is my life!  Dan was generous enough to give me the rest of the squash from last night.  These are good as leftovers!
Dinner was a good celebration of ending my blood thinners and seeing Ek!
Of course, I forgot to take a picture of us.  Sorry Rob! 

We went to Osteria Marco for appetizers and dinner. 
First we had Bruschetta with goat cheese and prosciutto.
Wow this was tasty!
We enjoyed an almost guilt free glass of wine.  Yay!  For dinner we split three pizzas:  homemade sausage, four cheese and spinach, and mushroom and truffle oil.  The cheese was all homemade and can I just say that truffle oil and pizza were made for each other. 
So, dinner was not the lowest calorie, and typically I wouldn’t have pizza twice in one day.  But I love the freedom this way of eating affords me!

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What are your favorite pizza toppings?