The farmers market

Happy Saturday all! The day started out great with an awesome showing of the scale; I lost another pound-ish for a grand total of a 27.4 pound loss this year.  I looked back at my spark people from when I was on Atkins and I’ve lost more now than I did that summer/fall.  Yay!  Of course, I’m not back down to where I started Atkins.  I hope to get there next week.

Dan and I started the day early because we had a few farmers markets we wanted to hit before Dan’s swim meet.   To fuel ourselves before the farmers market we made dessert oats!  We mixed the apple crisp that Dan made Thursday with some oatmeal.  Yum!

So, the mixture started out with plain oats. IMG_0212_edited-1
I added all bran buds for crunch.
and then the yummiest part.
MMMMM sweet.  It was great!  We headed out to a farmers market in Cherry Creek and it was beautiful.
I love all the fall colors.
There were also some strange looking watermelons.
I got some more fun pictures that I’ll share later.  Dan and I have decided to keep going to more farmers markets to hunt down good deals and photographs.

Does anyone know of a good and cheap farmers market in the Denver metro area?