fall food

Happy Monday world.  I was delighted to get to work and realize that I had no meetings!  Sweet!  I spent the day being productive and managed to avoid chocolate cupcakes! Go Me!  This was despite the fact that my lunch was less than yummy.

Breakfast was pretty good.  I had a Mango Mix 1 today.
An ugly pear and All bran buds.
IMG_0293_edited-1 IMG_0296_edited-1
Lunch was leftover Devil’s Chicken which was chewy and dry and a V8 which was meh (like always).  The best part was this was my last V8.  Phew!
IMG_0297_edited-1 IMG_0298_edited-1
I finally ate the celery that’s been hanging out since our pumpkin soup.  Dan will be so glad when these are done!IMG_0300_edited-1
This lunch was much less than spectacular.  However, it is our goal to not waste food and Dan does more than his fair share so I’m glad I could help.  Dinner was much more delectable.  Dan made Salt & Pepper Chicken and a new recipe for mashed potatoes!
I had asked my father for his recipe, but that included heavy cream and other indulgences.  Instead Dan and I picked the “every day” mashed potatoes from Everyday Food.
There is something comforting about mashed potatoes.

MMM comfort food!  For dessert I had a piece of pumpkin bread.IMG_0313_edited-1
I got this recipe from Ashley over at Ota.Bars.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, head on over there.  She is cooking real foods on a budget and sharing how to do it!
This was the first recipe of hers I tried and it is so delicious.  All I’m smelling is pumpkin-y goodness.  I may even forgo my other desserts to eat this the next week or so (or however long they last, I do live with a hungry hungry hippo man).

What is your favorite comfort food?  Do you have a healthier take on the classic?