Dessert for breakfast

I’m down another pound! Wooohoo!  To celebrate I walked over to Einstein’s bagels.  Well, not really to celebrate, we don’t have milk in the house so I needed to get a coffee. 
I may or may not have also gotten some Pumpkin Bagel poppers. 
I found out that a whole container of them is about 380 calories.  Not great, definitely a treat and not normal.   They weren’t fantastic, and I have to admit I could have eaten half.  I didn’t, but I could have.  Why do I still feel compelled to finish whatever I start!
I have to say that the only pumpkin-y food that has really satisfied me is the pumpkin bread Dan made (from Ashley’s recipe) earlier this week. 
It’s supposed to snow today.  Which is really exciting.  One of my favorite things is the changing of seasons.  I may get bored as the season gets old, but in the beginning I just think it’s awesome.  Plus, Dan and I got married last December, so that could be a part of my excitement.  Our first anniversary is only 2 months away!

Well, I’m just finishing up my time on the elliptical!  I love getting my workouts in this way.  Oh, and don’t forget about the fiber one giveaway!