Dessert First

First things first, Mary never contacted me about her win, so my next winner is Diane from Fit to the Finish!  Yay! Send me your address at

Does anyone else feel like Friday’s take forever?  Boy I couldn’t wait to come home!  I have so many different photography tricks that I want to try!

Breakfast was Mix 1 and bran buds (we ran out of just pineapple. booo)
We also ran out of fruit (double boo) so instead I had some celery(not the same).
I had leftovers from last night for lunch. One piece of Chicken Pieces with Lime.
And 6 oz of mashed potatoes.
I totally forgot my piece of chocolate (triple boo!) so I chewed a lot of gum to help me avoid the vending machine.  I succeeded!  Instead, I ate dessert first thing when I got home.  I had one cupcake and one piece of sea salt dark chocolate.
The rest of dinner was a repeat from last night.  Starting with an artichoke.
Then I had some more mashed potatoes and another piece of chicken pieces with lime.
Yum!  Happy Friday!

So, tell me, what are you being for Halloween?