clothing obstacles

I spent more time today trying to figure out the clothes issue.  Upon closer examination of my closet I noticed that I have clothes ranging over three sizes.  None of them fit the same way.  I’ve been buying clothes at target lately and boy do their sizes run small, so a shirt two sizes smaller from gap fits better than the two sizes larger from target.  I hate how it’s not consistent.

I really need to go through my closet and figure out what fits and what doesn’t.  In the mornings it’s not the scale that can put me in a funk, it’s when clothes don’t fit like I think they will.  I end up wearing the same outfits week after week since I know that they fit right.

I wasn’t really hungry at lunch time yet so I had some leftover tilapia and butternut squash.IMG_0035_edited-1 IMG_0036_edited-1 IMG_0041_edited-1
It wasn’t until almost 4 pm that hunger struck.  So I had some more goat cheese and crackers.  I totally forgot to photograph!

And now we’re off to dinner (that dinner we keep threatening to go to!)