Cleaning out the closet

A side effect of being sick is that I am now caught up on TV.  Exciting weekend plans, aren’t they! 
All this time at home has given me a chance to look at my overflowing closet.  I wish this meant that I had a lot of variety in what I wear.  Alas, I do not.  My closet is filled with a few different sizes, some of which are too big and some of which are too small.  I know how a lot of people say that it’s best to get rid of clothes as you move down sizes.  I did that last time, since I was certain I’d never gain the weight back.  I was so certain that every month or so I’d take a trip to goodwill, excited to be shedding the clothes and moving down.
Well, we all know what happened.  I gained some of it back and had to buy new bigger clothes.  So what am I going to do this time?  I’ve decided to hold onto the bigger clothes, at least for awhile.  I really truly do hope that this is the last time I see these numbers and that my changes are permanent.  However, I never want to have to buy bigger clothes again. 
On the other hand, in just 4 more pounds I’m gonna go shopping under my bed for the clothes that I put away after the gain.  I can’t wait to wear some of them again!  I figure that as I pull clothes out I’ll put the too big clothes under the bed.
What are you planning on doing with clothes you grow out of?

(today’s pictures are a blast from the past: pictures from my grandmother’s old beach house)