Last week POM Wonderful contacted me saying that they are going to send me a care package.  And they arrived! 
I thought they were going to be the POM coffee I’ve been seeing around (and I’d love to review hint hint).  But instead I’m getting a preview of two new flavors!

The Kiwi tasted tangy and fruity.  Really good.  This may be my favorite of all of them (the reigning fave was blueberry).  The tangy aftertaste was really refreshing and delicious.  IMG_2372 As tangy as the kiwi was, the Nectarine was super smooth.  It tastes like fresh fruit.  Both of these drinks have replaced blueberry.  I’m going IMG_2369
My first thought was that these would be A-mazing in alcoholic mix drinks.  I’m imagining some spritzer/tonic and maybe gin for the Kiwi POM.  Alas, I can’t drink.  So, when I get back to the grocery I’m going to get some sparkling water and make my own delicious drink.

However, unlike blueberry, these are delicious on their own.  To learn more about POM products, check out my past POM posts on POMx and POM Wonderful.

So overall, these are delicious drinks and if you want to learn more about POM, there is information on their website.