Better now..

Life is better now without candy corn!  Breakfast was tasty but I was craving ‘something’ and boy am I glad those candy corns weren’t around to fill that void!  I have realized that I need food that packs a calorie punch.  Having 100 calorie cupcakes is ok because one packs a calorie punch.  I have to account for it. 

However, candy corns don’t since one candy corn is like 10 calories.  That’s almost nothing.  Um. yeah. Unless you eat 20 of them!  Which is easy.  Lesson learned.  Although I was assisted by my awesome husband who kept hiding the candy corn from me to reduce my temptation.

I never satisfied that little hungry monster.  So after breakfast the next thing I ate was lunch.  I had some more leftover steak.
After the steak Dan made some more butternut squash with lime and rosemary.
We were going to go to out to dinner tonight but both of the restaurants that we really wanted to go to couldn’t take us (one was closed, one was full).  Our dinners out will have to wait!  Instead, Dan made a tasty pasta recipe that was the perfect comfort food for a cold snowy night.
Dan only gave me 2/3rds of a serving and I was uncomfortably full.  This is what my portion looked like.
And this is Dan’s serving.
Yes, that is a mixing bowl.  One of our biggest.

Check out the snow! Maybe we have a blizzard on our hands this week?
Happy Sunday night! Where did the weekend go?