being productive

This morning totally beat yesterday in the productivity department.  Does anyone else notice that when they are home alone it is easier to get stuff done?  No offense to Dan but I loved being home alone in the morning.  Dan left early this morning to go run in Boulder.  He had to leave extra early because the Denver Marathon is running today. 


Once he left I did something I’ve been meaning to do.  I cleaned my closet!  Even more fun was the start to my under the bed shopping!  I pulled out a few tops and two more pairs of pants!  They all fit! snuggly. I think in about 5-10 more pounds I should be good to go.  Sweet! 


After I got done with the closet I made myself a small breakfast.  Arnold’s sandwich thins with strawberry preserves.


And of course, a bowl of all bran bran buds and Just Pineapple.  I really think these bran buds are my fiber ‘insurance.’  I enjoy starting my day knowing I’m on the right track with fiber.


After breakfast I started hearing the honking of car horns cheering the marathon runners along and I decide to go and join the fun. 


I decided to walk against the marathon and I cheered for some people along the way.  I left late enough that the leaders had already passed by here and so most of the marathoners that I saw were walkers at the end of the pack.


It made me remember the 10 miler I did 3 years ago.  That was me at the back of the pack so I feel some solidarity with these folks!  An hour later I was back home and itching to get some abs and strength training in.


What a fantastic day!  Of course one of my neighbors is deciding to enjoy the morning with some pot  on his/her balcony.  smelly.


Do you find yourself more/less productive when you are home alone?

(non-breakfast photos are from yesterday’s farmers market)