Bean & Body Coffee

A few weeks ago the folks at Bean&Body Coffee contacted me and asked if I’d like to sample their product.  Late last week they sent me one of each of their four varieties.  I love coffee drinks but the last time I had a Starbucks Frappucino drink I couldn’t stand the chemical taste.  Throughout this week I tried each of the four drinks Bean and Body sent me.

Coffee anti-ox
IMG_2612 I started with this coffee on Saturday morning.  It was good.  Not a very strong coffee taste and sweeter than I usually take my coffee, but it was good.  I did realize that I’d rather drink these at work since the main bonus for me is that they are portable and cleaning out my coffee mugs is a pain in the butt!
IMG_2613 Coffee rescue
This was pretty good.  It wasn’t as strong of a flavor as I would have liked.
Coffee MarTeani
This was by far my favorite of the bunch.  The tea added the right flavor combination to give the drink the coffee taste that I love.
Coffee Energy
This drink had a pretty strong bitter aftertaste.  what the first drink lacked in coffee flavor, the second more than made up for it, but went a little too far.  It took a moment to get used to.
Overall these were a very tasty coffee alternative that isn’t injected with unrecognizable ingredients.  The coffee flavor is not as strong as I usually like, but it’s good for a coffee drink on the go.  I haven’t seen these in stores, but they are available online on the bean and body website.

What’s your favorite on the go coffee drink?