As seen on TV

Yesterday morning Dan and I were on TV, sorta.  One of the races he did earlier this year was televised.  When I heard that I may be on the screen at some point I was disappointed.  I don’t want to see me, I still don’t like how I look.  And there I was, standing in the water, big.  Really big.  I’ve lost a good amount of weight since April, but still.  I realized that another one of my goals is to be excited when I see myself on film.  It’s good motivation to keep going to realize that I don’t want to hide from the camera the rest of my life.

Of course after seeing this film clip Dan and I went to dinner and ate ourselves sick.  We went to our favorite restaurant, Le Central and decided to split two dishes.  An entree and the moules frites.  The fact that this filled both of us up to the seams is an improvement.  I used to be able to finish a meal on my own, and we left leftovers of both.  But, oh my gosh.  These dishes were amazing!

One of the best parts of Le Central is the vegetarian option.  If you notice, it is SO cheap! But more importantly it is so flavorful and tasty.  As a vegetarian I was always disappointed at the lack of flavorful options.  If I had had Le Central, I probably wouldn’t have minded so much.
The dish didn’t disappoint.  Just look at that awesomeness.  We left quite a bit of the pastry and a bit of the rice.  We did fish out and eat all of the mushrooms.  This dish was so creamy and rich, definitely craveworthy.  I can’t even imagine how many calories were in here.  But, it was so good.  (I didn’t even eat half)
We also had an order of Les Moules et Frites.  I had to laugh at the disclaimer that there could be sand, small rocks or crabs in the dish.  Crabs? Really?
We ended up ordering the Mariniere.  Oh my gosh it was good.  Unfortunately we smelled like mussels all night! Ew.IMG_0048_edited-1
We did finish all of the open mussels.  There were plenty of fries left when we finished though.IMG_0052_edited-1
This was definitely an indulgence.  However, it was a pretty controlled indulgence.  We left food on the plates and once again the pumpkin ice cream was left unopened.

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It took awhile to get hungry this morning.  I opted to try the pumpkin oats again.  Today’s mixture included oats, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and all bran bran buds.  I added some brown sugar.  It does not taste like pumpkin pie.  But it was pretty good.  I like the all bran buds for crunch.IMG_0054_edited-1
Yum!  I love all the fall flavors.  Dan and I are trying to focus on fall flavors and foods to really get a full sense of the season.  I don’t know what does it, but once the temperature drops I can’t get enough of pumpkin flavors.  I love it!

Good news is that despite the large dinner, I lost .4 pounds.  I’m following TJs lead and celebrating all losses, no matter how small.  So, Yay! 

Today marks the last day of my four day weekend!  We’re off to enjoy the sunny day and Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the north!