always look on the bright side

Looks like having the flu is a good way to lose weight!  I lost 1.4 lbs this brings me to a grand total of 24.8 lbs.  At least there is something good that has come out of this sickness.  Dan was watching Dollhouse when I went to sleep last night, so my entire night was filled with disturbing dollhouse-like dreams.  I woke up almost every hour, what a long night!

Since my fever broke 100 last night, today is going to be a slow day of sitting around the house and trying to get better.  I’m a little sad that I have run through TIVO.

Unfortunately, being sick means I’m not doing well on my Hot 100 challenge, no walking yesterday or today for me. 

Today for breakfast Dan made me some oatmeal.  It was just what the doctor ordered.
Ok I’m off to my boring day at home sick.  Please tell me about your interesting and exciting plans for the weekend!

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