woman vs. machine pt.2

We’re home! The wedding was beautiful and the food was delicious.  There was more dessert there than anything!  And you know my position on cake:)  My SD Card reader is STILL not working.  I did everything I can to fix it aka turned off and on my computer.  Anyone know how to fix this longer term?

I know by know you are all wondering what machine I schooled this time.  This time, it was a bus.  On our way to our car from the airport we squeezed into an over-packed bus.  We were the last two passengers on the bus and so were right in front of the door, realizing that we are going to be de-boarding at every stop we decided to get out and walk at the first stop.  It gets interesting because we were dropped off at row D1 and were parked at row MM4. 

Dan was a true gentleman and took all of the luggage and we started hoofing it to our car.  We kept an eye on the bus as it chased us, but as we got to our car we looked back and saw the bus still a bit away.  We win!  It probably helped our cause that the passengers requested that the bus stop at every stop.  How lazy can we be?  It felt good to stretch our legs and to realize we saved time by using our (wo)manpower!

On a different note, when we opened our out of town gift boxes we noticed this guy staring at us…
Brad&Tinas Wedding 085
Turns out they are made by Busken, a Cincinnati company.  Now Pittsburghers…does this look familiar?  Does it look like a copy of this…
Photo from
For non-Pittsburgher’s this is the Eat ‘n Park mascot. The Smiley Face Cookie, which is apparently now known as just Smiley.  Oh Ohio, trying to be as awesome as Pittsburgh!

More pics from the weekend and a quick wedding recap to come!

What did you do this weekend?