Wedding Time!

And here we are on the day of the wedding!  We got up early to start the pampering.  My hair looked amazing in the salon, but not as much in these pictures.  So sad!  Everyone else still looks perfect though!

Below (l to r) Rachel, Jessie(can you believe she’s 8 months pregnant!), Melissa and me.

The wedding was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  Dinner was chicken breast, mashed new potatoes and bread.  I love mashed potatoes.
Their cake design was actually featured in a local bridal magazine, isn’t it gorgeous?IMG_1795

You all know of my love for cake, so are you surprised that we were near the front of the line for the cake?  We got lemon cake.  yum!  Of course Dan was sad when he realized that there was chocolate cake to be had, so he may or may not have gotten another piece.  Given the choice I will always pick the non-chocolate cake, so I was content.IMG_1818
Look, another picture of us! Doesn’t he look dapper? .IMG_1828_edited-1The night ended with an intense sparkler show that the very brave bride and groom ran through.  Can you see those sparklers? They are like three feet long!  I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out, since my camera was not able to handle it!
Overall, it was a gorgeous day.  I must say that I love not being the bride, I’m so happy to be married to Dan, but all the planning and stress. ugh!  Plus, we didn’t really visit with our friends so I love being able to have the quality time now!