wedding time again!

It was about a year and a half ago that Dan and I went to Peru for a race.  We were newly engaged and I was still reading wedding magazines.  I had with me the newest version of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine which had a dozen rings on the front cover.  It was that conversation that got Brad talking about picking out a ring for his girlfriend Tina.  So ensued months of secret conversations and planning and trying to discern what Tina’s dream engagement ring was.  Through chance one day Tina showed me her perfect ring and she’s wearing it today.

Fast forward to Saturday, Brad and Tina exchanged vows and are now in New Zealand on their honeymoon!  Congrats guys!
Brad&Tinas Wedding 047 One of the perks of going to a triathlete’s wedding is the food.  They really really like food, so our appetizer included a seven layer chocolate cake!  OMG it was so good.  I am pretty sad that I didn’t take a picture of it though.  I was still nervous about taking pictures of my food and explaining it to our tablemates that we had just met. 

When the entree was served I saw that one of my tablemates was photographing his food, so I decided I would too.  This led us to a conversation about food blogging and I found out that I wasn’t the only food blogger at the table! How fun!

Dan and I ordered different things, his entree was chicken caprese on mashed potatoes.
Brad&Tinas Wedding 058
I ordered the steak and potatoes, but before you weight loss bloggers start shaking your fingers at me, I gave Dan half of the steak and I didn’t eat the potato really(saving calories for cake!).  The green beans were amazing
Brad&Tinas Wedding 062  
Yum.  I was perfectly satisfied with this, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t excited for cake!  As a nice surprise, the cake also came with ice cream!
Brad&Tinas Wedding 075
I usually prefer white cake with white icing, but they put something amazing in this chocolate icing and it was perfect.  I restrained myself from having a second piece. I was totally eyeing it though!

I’m trying to take more pictures of us, so here’s one of us with Dan’s new haircut! 
Brad&Tinas Wedding 083

And yes, that is the same dress that I wore for Melissa’s wedding.  This dress is not only flattering, but it doesn’t seem to wrinkle!  Next time you see me wear it, pretend it’s the first time!

Tell me about your best/worst bridesmaid dress experience!