Up with the sun

Last night, Dan and I stayed up later than usual.  We didn’t have to wake up this morning, our flight doesn’t leave until one.  So what happens?  6am.  Yup, I was up at 6.  Oh boy, dumb body won’t let me rest!


So, I decided to try something new for breakfast (well that and there is no milk or yogurt)  I don’t eat oatmeal all that often, but I do enjoy it.  Our pears didn’t ripen fast enough, so we have a bunch still around.  I decided to add some bran buds and some pear to my oatmeal.



Overall a tasty and satisfying combination, except for the fact that the bran buds got totally soggy!  I was hoping for some crunch.  I think this combo will hold me and make sure that I have had enough fiber for today!


I hate how processed food doesn’t have enough fiber.  I’m gonna have to get creative this week!


Well, we are off to the airport.  I will still be posting daily, they just might be shorter.  I have some great friends adding some guest posts that I’m sure you will like!